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Information about the Earth

Information about the Earth: Earth is our living place. The galaxy is made up of with the Sun, planets and the satellites of the planets. There are eight planets in our galaxy. The mercury is the nearest planet. Out of eight planet earth is one of them.

Information about the Earth

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Information about the Earth

Shape of EarthGeoid (Not Exact Sphere)
Age of the Earth4.543 Billion Years
Area of Earth510.1 Million km² (510, 066,000 Sq Km)
Total Land Area29.2%
Total Water area70.8%
Weight of the Earth5.9722×1024 kg
Distance from Sun149.6 Million km (149, 800,000 km)
Polar Diameter of Earth12714 KM
Nearest PlanetVenus
Equator Diameter12756.1 km (7296.28 miles
Average Density5.52 (Relative to Water) g/cm cube
Volume of Earth260 billion cubic miles
Period of Rotation23 hours, 56 Minutes, 4 Seconds
Speed of Revolution of the Earth29.8 Km/second
Period of Revolution365 days 5hours 48 Minutes, 46 Seconds
Speed of Rotation1670 KM/Hours
Escape Velocity11.2 KM/Seconds
Satellite of EarthMoon
Time Taken for light to reach earth from the Sun8 minutes
Total Population of World753.04 crores (2017)
Highest Point on the EarthMount Everest (8850 meters height {Around 8 Km} Nepal)
Lowest Point on the EarthMarina Trench (10, 298 meters,Pacific Ocean)
Highest Temperature Recorded134 degree F, Death Valley, California, USA, July 10, 1913
Lowest temperature Recorded−89.2 °C (−128.6 °F; 184.0 K) at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica on 21 July, 1983
Decreasing Elements in the EarthIron>Oxygen>Silicon>Magnesium> Nickle
Decreasing Elements in the Earth SurfaceOxygen> Silicon. Aluminium> Iron
Number of Continent7 (Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Antarctica, Australia)
Number of Oceans5 (Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, Northern Ocean)
Number of Countries in the Earth195
Largest ContinentAsia
Largest OceanPacific Ocean
Smallest ContinentAustralia
Smallest OceanSouthern Ocean
Largest Country (Area Wise)Russia
Smallest Country (Area Wise)Vatican City
Largest Country (Population Wise)China
Smallest Country (Population Wise)Vatican City (1000 Population)
Longest RiverThe Nile


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